Revolutionizing Retail: Introducing SVM C22 - The Smart Vending Machine of the Future
Category Specifications
Touch screen 22 inches
Size Height: 1864.4 mm, Width: 1339.35 mm, Depth: 888 mm
Cargo push system Springs
Number of products Standard 60 options
Up to 72 options available
Capacity 300 ~ 1008 items
Temperature 4℃-25℃ (Adjustable)
Wattage 400W
Voltage AC100V/240V, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Cash
  • Cashless: ATM card (Visa, Master,…), Mobile banking, QR Code, e-wallet, Mobile money,…


The SVM C22 smart vending machine showcases a contemporary and user-friendly design, ensuring an intuitive customer experience:

» Thickened steel shell surface with high quality paint, minimalist colors, elegant, suitable for shopping centers, hotels, high-class apartments, airports,…

» Superior design with 22-inch touch screen to help functioning and select products fast and convenient

» The transparent display screen allows for a comprehensive view of the products, simplifying and enhancing the intuitive process of selecting items

» Easily configure and customize advertisements on the high-resolution 22-inch touch screen, effectively conveying the brand’s image in a more engaging manner to the public

SVM C22 - Thiết kế hiện đại và thân thiện với người dùng


With its advanced technology, SVM C22 leads the vending machine market in Vietnam, offering users the utmost convenience and an exceptional experience:

» The future trend of cashless payment is embraced by SVM C22 through its 22-inch touch screen, allowing users to make quick payments by scanning QR codes and accepting various bank cards

» The remote vending machine management software, accessible on any device, enables efficient and intelligent management and operation of the machine in a scientific manner

» The instant warning system swiftly detects errors and facilitates timely resolution, ensuring minimal impact on users’ purchasing experience

SVM C22 - Công nghệ vượt trội, đón đầu xu hướng


As a product owned by Vietnamese people from hardware to software, Smart Vending Machines C22 is easily adjusted flexibly according to customer requirements:

» The integrated lift on the machine can be customized to ensure the protection and integrity of goods, particularly for fragile products, preventing any distortion or damage

» The flexible expansion of the product tray size enables operators to easily configure the vending machine to accommodate a wide range of business products, ensuring suitability and convenience

» Smart USP voltage stabilization system ensures stable and reliable operation of vending machines, preventing downtime caused by issues that could negatively impact sales

» Using AntiCovid Shield technology, SVM C22 effectively eliminates bacteria and viruses, guaranteeing optimal safety for users

» By integrating artificial intelligence technology, SVM C22 incorporates voice instructions to enhance the shopping experience on the vending machine

SVM C22 - Linh hoạt tùy biến phù hợp với nhu cầu của khách hàng