About SVM

About SVM

At the point when innovation 4.0 is steadily ruling the market, the retail business can’t “step”. That “blooming” is also followed by the vending machine trend. Hyperlogy developed Smart Vending Machines (SVM) not only to meet the aforementioned trend but also to lead the “Make in Vietnam” revolution.

Smart Vending Machine - The Future of the Auto Retail Market
Thị trường bán lẻ tự động

Ambition To Automate The Retail Industry And “Make in Vietnam”

The Ministry of Information and Communications (TT&TT) developed the slogan “Make In Vietnam” with the intention of promoting the domestic ICT industry beginning in 2020. The Ministry of Information and Communications is urging both large and small businesses in the country to take full responsibility for the development, design, and production of digital technology products with this phrase.

In addition to the preceding Ministry of Information and Communications strategy, Hyperlogy began promoting novel products, the capacity to design, and complete mastery of background technology. In particular, Smart Vending Machines (SVM) are the most evident “proof” in the promotion of national wisdom, demonstrating that Vietnamese people can own everything from hardware to software.

The Hyperlogy team will build a retail product ecosystem from SVM, automate sales in supermarkets and residential markets quickly, civilly, and safely. large numbers of contacts to reduce the likelihood of viral diseases like Covid-19, which has been raging for nearly three years, spreading.

“Super product” New Generation Vending Machine

The latest high-end vending machine line introduced to the retail market by technology company Hyperlogy is called Smart Vending Machines. It aims to high-end and intelligentize today’s mid-range vending machines.

IoT and artificial intelligence are as yet detonating ideas and assisting items with improving, making astonishing advantages and elements to work on individuals’ work, more astute and more modern in care. customer service,…

Smart Vending Machines are the latest high-end vending machines launched by technology company Hyperlogy to the retail market
Smart Vending Machines là dòng máy bán hàng cao cấp mới nhất được công ty công nghệ Hyperlogy đưa ra thị trường bán lẻ

Two main models of SVM were first introduced to the market: Lux S11 and SVM Lux S55 Both are high-end models, but the screens are different for each customer to fit their space and needs.


The previous glass door was replaced by a huge screen on the 55-inch SVM. Customers are able to do more with the touch screen, making it easier for them to choose products and get information about them.

SVM 55 Inches

In addition, for businesses, the 55-inch screen also allows support to run and advertise banners according to the campaign, contributing to increasing brand awareness or earning large cooperation contracts!


The 11-inch SVM vending machine has a compact size that fits in many different spaces. Product design in stainless steel, black – white combination still ensures the product to bring the most luxurious and classy feeling!

SVM 11 Inches

The 10-inch screen experience is still within reach thanks to the glass screen, which allows for easy and intuitive viewing of the entire product and enhances the user experience.

Advantages of the new generation of smart vending machines

Take a look at a few of the benefits of the SVM series that Hyperlogy hopes will make Vietnamese goods more competitive on the global market:

A Variety Of Payment Options

The variety of payment gateways is SVM products’ most innovative and distinctive feature. Customers have to find the right amount of money to buy, smooth the money so it is recognized by the machine, or foreign customers do not have the money to pay. Cash payment has become obsolete and causes quite a bit of trouble for customers. face, this has hampered the user experience while also causing businesses to lose money and fail to meet sales goals.

Đa dạng các hình thức thanh toán trên SVM
Đa dạng các hình thức thanh toán trên SVM

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As a result, Hyperlogy’s technology team prioritizes a wide range of payment options for SVM vending machines, typically bank card payments through POS machines. The card payment terminal is right on the vending machine and accepts credit and debit cards, including local and international cards like Visa, Master Card, and so on. Region of Napas.

The device also has the ability to accept e-wallet payments, including the following: Momo, VNPay, or using the most recent mobile money available.

Disinfection technology, disinfecting right on the surface

Public goods’ ability to kill bacteria and protect users’ health has also received more attention, along with the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic from 2020 to the present.

The company’s SVM series is used specifically with three distinct sterilization techniques across all machine terrains:

  • Antibacterial with silver ion technology on the surface of the machine.
  • Disinfection of touch points using UVC LED technology, such as: In addition, there is a proximity sensor on the side with a 180° scanning angle and a coverage diameter of 2 meters. The automatic mechanism in front of the vending machine will cut off the UVC rays and indicate that it is safe to proceed when someone approaches.
  • The artificial ozone generator is used to disinfect the cargo compartment inside by removing bacteria and viruses suspended in the air.

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Real-time mobile smart control

The most recent innovation that Hyperlogy pioneered for vending machines is cross-platform, multi-device support. Monitoring and checking the status of the locations does not necessitate sitting down at a computer or server. Status reports, out-of-stock alerts, full cash box notifications, and other notifications can now be sent automatically thanks to SVM’s technology. all on the mobile phones and computers of the management. Managers can self-operate, monitor, and provide direction whenever and wherever there is Internet access.

The vending trend of the future

Customers are familiar with water dispensers and automatic confectionery packaging, but Hyperlogy’s objectives go further. The company is able to design its own hardware, which enables it to constantly improve the cargo compartment to better accommodate more well-known products like: SVM’s products are worthy of being placed in high-class and solemn locations: fresh food, telecommunications sim card, chemical cosmetics, etc.

Modern design, meticulous attention to detail, and smart features make SVM’s products worthy of being placed there. such as residences, airport lounges, and business buildings. massive hotel,….

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