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The latest safety sensor technologies ensure the safety of machine operators and customers!
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Safety Sense is a system that uses cutting-edge technologies to make SVM smart vending machines safer to use. The Hyperlogy team carefully studied the solutions to vending machine problems as well as outstanding issues that have a negative impact on the machine’s operation and reliability to identify the four Safety Sense features. buyer wellbeing.

Safety Sense is a safety system that will give the owner of a vending machine as well as the number of customers who use it every day peace of mind!

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The Anticovid Shield technology system provides access to the antibacterial feature at touch points. Safety Sense also includes this as one of its standard features. With this feature, the machine’s touch points like: The POS machine, keyboard, and recharge slot will all use UVC rays that shine on the points that need to be touched or pressed and have sufficient power and are not harmful to humans. swipe card … in the initial 20 minutes will kill 99.99% of the Coronavirus infection.

In addition, there is a proximity sensor with a coverage diameter of 2 meters, a 180-degree scanning angle in front of the vending machine, and an automatic mechanism that automatically blocks UVC rays and gives a green light signal when someone approaches. signal of safety.

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Some nations have implemented safety standards for the installation of electrical equipment in order to reduce the likelihood of family accidents brought on by electric shock. In addition, Hyperlogy provides anti-shock and anti-electric shock devices to ensure machine users’ safety around the clock. From the power source to the machine and the user, we eliminate all risks of electric shock and device-caused shock.

ELCB (Earth Spillage Electrical switch) is comfortable to purchasers with the name: ELCB. When ELCB technology detects an electrical leak, it can immediately cut off the power supply automatically, safeguarding consumers’ lives from electric shock. The ELCB can also reduce the risk of touching the machine’s electrical circuit by disconnecting power when it detects a leak. This prevents fire and explosion, which are extremely dangerous, immediately.

Smart vending machine SVM is also equipped with an electric stabilizer to assist the machine in controlling the current and stabilizing the voltage while it is operating. Leakage current protection devices and ground fault circuit breakers detect surge current and immediately cut power. When it detects that the machine’s voltage output is higher than the specified level, this device allows users to disconnect automatically, reducing the likelihood of electric shock.

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As mentioned above, SVM integrates UVC LED technology into the touch points to kill bacteria and viruses on the surface. However, to maximize the safety of customers, the Hyperlogy team has integrated Radar Sensor technology – A warning system to detect people approaching.

A radar sensor is a device that converts microwave echo signals into electrical signals. They use wireless sensing technology to detect motion by figuring out the position, shape, motion characteristics, and motion trajectory of the subject.

When compared to other sensing technology, such as ultrasound, radar can sense longer distances and is safe for people and animals. Therefore, in order to detect the person in front of the vending machine most accurately and work well in all weather conditions, the team chose a radar sensor for SVM. Radar will identify people approaching and make purchases at the correct machine to cut off UVC rays (Light rays help kill bacteria in a short time on the surface).

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Ozone technology has many advantages, including the ability to eradicate a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, and even the SAR-COV-2 virus. However, prolonged exposure to the same ozone threshold is not safe and will seriously harm the user’s health.

In order to adjust the necessary amount of ozone without affecting humans and still being able to destroy bacteria, particularly the SAR-COV-2 virus, HYPERLOGY’s smart vending machine product has relied on research on ozone gas and regulations on ozone dosage in the air.

In order to eradicate 90% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, SVM has chosen to emit ozone at a concentration of 1 ppm for 60 minutes. This is the highest concentration that is safest for the user’s health and will undoubtedly eradicate the virus.

SVM employs an automatic ozone concentration sensor that disables the ozone emission threshold in a human-safe zone in order to maintain a constant level of 1 ppm throughout operation.